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Qingdao Zaphue International Trade Co., Ltd was established by two manufacturing factories. It is professional on poultry equipment researching, designing, installation and after-sales service. Our main products include: pig farm equipment, poultry farm equipment, pig artificial insemination equipment, veterinary instrument, environmental control equipment. With many years experience, We have been done many turn-key projects and specialized on pig automatic feeding, pig crate with top reputation.

After years growing, our company establish branch companies in more than 20 city. So, with numerous sourcing companies help, we are certainly sure that could supply all kinds of livestock equipment. And our products already exported to more than 20 countries, such as: Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, US, Brazil. Besides providing all kinds of livestock equipment, we can also help customers to design farm shed and make equipment accordingly.



Contact: Molly

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Tel: 86-532-66851684

Email: molly@pithyfarm.com

Add: Zhengyang Road,Chengyang District,Qingdao,China

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