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Pig nursery crate

  • Pig nursery crate
  • Pig nursery crate
  • Pig nursery crate
Pig nursery cratePig nursery cratePig nursery crate

Pig nursery crate

  • Product description: Pig nursery crate

Product Features:

1,Humanized design, both sides are of PVC fence board, both sides are galvanized steel pipe fence, stall and stall isolation also make sure tunnel ventilation.

2, Compression resistance not less than 160KG.

3, Plastic floor has better performance on keeping warming, and dung drop to pit with less contamination.

3,No welding of crate, it is labor saving.

4,Length and width of crate could be customized.

Product Specification:


For piglets after 35days





Or customized size

Material of steel crate

Hot-dip galvanized

Material of fence

PVC board

Material of feeder

1,Engineering plastics double-side feeder with 5holes

2,Stainless steel double-side feeder with 5holes

Material of drinker

1,Stainless steel drinker

2,Copper drinker

3,Stainless steel drinking bowl

Material of slat flooring

Plastic slat

Material of slat beam

Cast iron or fiberglass

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